About ICL

Moments of inspiration.
Points of departure.

Imprint Culture Lab uses these pinpoint moments to inspire movement.

Through a series of global culture conferences and interactive workshops, Imprint Culture Lab has built a wide nexus of thinkers, doers, makers of thing, poised to initiate cultural vectors. ICL is connecting the cultural dots between segment, market and industry. In doing so we initiate an infinite dialogue with you.

In ten years, our events have brought together a diverse gallery of industry darlings and blue chip heroes, to speak to an audience of next generation stars.




Since its beginnings, Imprint Culture Lab has striven to get a leg up on conversations that become collaborations; the ideas that become brands. We don’t just bring the most interesting people to the podium but the most fascinating audience to the floor.

Past speakers have included:

Levi Maestro (VJ / Videographer / Entrepreneur)
David Choe (Artist)
Carlton Evans (Disposable Film Festival, Director / Founder)
Thom Andersen (Filmmaker, “Get Out of the Car”)
Ted Schilowitz (RED DIgital Cinema, Co-Founder)
Dan Smith (Playboy Media, VP Digital Content)
Keith Schofield (Commercial and Music Videomaker)
Shinya Kimura (Chabott Engineering, Founder)
Hiroshi Fujiwara (Fragment Design, Founder)
David Horvath (UglyDolls, Co-Founder)
John C. Jay (Wieden+Kennedy, Executive Creative Director)
Dan “The Automator” Nakamura (Music Producer)
Raymond Choy (Toy2r, Founder)
John Hiller (Xanga, Founder)
Phil Yu (Angry Asian Man, Founder)
Bobby Hundreds (The Hundreds, Founder)
Josh Rubin (Cool Hunting, Founder)
George Takei (Actor)
Daniel Wu (Actor)

Brian Lam (Gizmodo, Editor)
Josh Spear (Undercurrent, Founder)
Kenya Hara (MUJI, Executive Creative Director)
Eric Nakamura (Giant Robot, Co-Founder)
Martin Wong (Giant Robot, Co-Founder)
Alyasha Owerka-Moore (Fiber-Ops, Creative Director)
Chip Kidd (Pantheon, Art Director)
Paula Scher (Pentagram, Partner)
Stephen Engelberg (Propublica, Executive Editor)
June Russell (Greenmarket, Farm Inspector)
Jane Goldman (Chow, Founder)
Brian Halwell (Edible New York, Publisher)
Paul Budnitz (KidRobot, Founder)
Marc Ecko (Ecko Lmtd., Founder)
Rob Walker (NY Times, Author)
Chris Baker (Wired, Senior Editor)
Alex Bogusky (Fearless Cottage, Founder)
John Maeda (Rhode Island School of Design, President)
David Wilson (Kangol Headwear, Creative Director)