Cousins and Friends Holiday Pop-Up at Kumquat

Cousins and Friends Holiday Pop-Up at Kumquat

It’s nice to take your kids to cool places, show them interesting movies, and share your favorite bands with them. But it’s even better to have them make and do stuff themselves. This weekend my daughter, two of her cousins, and a friend (all under 10) joined forces for the Cousins & Friends Holiday Pop-Up at my sister’s Kumquat store in Eagle Rock.

Kid Dante (9) created a Nintendo-themed indie comic, Lucia (10) baked treats, and Mila (7) made cat coloring books and gear. Eloise (9) made sets of Gocco-printed cat cards, prepared hand-illustrated gift tags, and drew custom pet portraiture from customers’ smart-phone photos.

Eleven to four is a pretty long time, but enough friends, family, and regulars came though to keep everyone busy. I don’t want to get your hopes up, but maybe a dozen of you out there will find portraiture by a nine-year-old under your Christmas tree, next to your Menorah, or wrapped up somewhere like that.

A lot of kids are coveting toys, games, and other stuff this time of year, but is anything more fun that creating things? Anything better than getting together with  your crowd (including one of Eloise’s teachers!) on a nice afternoon with cookies and brownies in the room and pretty good coffee around the corner?

A pretty cool afternoon, and now the kids have some money to buy their parents holiday gifts. Everyone wins.

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