Galactic Ice

Galactic Ice

The crew at sōlscience, makers of ANTIDŌT™ Premium Fragrance Footwear Freshener have a special valentine’s day gift for that special someone. Galactic Ice, the most lux footwear fresher EVER. But what makes it so lux? Here’s the description…

The scent of Galactic Ice is best described as having a seductive upfront sweetness that leads into a clean aromatic finish. The fragrance will feature 45 near colorless round polished natural diamonds. Weighing approximately 1.50 carats in total, the diamonds will be submerged inside the one ounce glass atomizer spray bottle. Each bottle will come in an acrylic box, including a plaque to signify its production number.


sōlscience will be accepting orders for Galactic Ice beginning Thursday, February 2nd through Wednesday, February 8th (PST) and will ship out in time for Valentine’s Day.

sōlscience plans to only offer three units exclusively on their website, Galactic Ice will be priced at $650 USD per bottle.