ICL Los Angeles: IMPRINT Asian. Inspired.


ICL 2006:
Sometime in the early 1970′s, an entertainer failed to appear for a show at a small snack bar in Kobe, Japan. Karaoke was born. That idea has today turned into an estimated $25 billion worldwide business. Karaoke (which roughly translates to “empty orchestra”) is a word that is now defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, has spawned various business and technology enterprises, and has even inspired FOX Interactive Media’s acquisition of a site called kSolo (for an estimated $10M). To facilitate discussions and provide insights into this subculture, the conference will bring together artists, cultural icons, fashionistas, marketers, and yes, research, to provide each attendee with a forum to discuss and question. But mostly, this event will give you a first hand experience of being back in that snack bar in Kobe and introduce you to those trends that will help you make an imprint for your product or company.

James Keoni Arizumi (Nike), Ted Chung (C&A Marketing), Suzi Ghahremani (Boygirlparty.com), Roy Lee (Vertigo Entertainment), Giancarlo Pacheco (Plan C Agency), Josh Rubin (Cool Hunting), Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai (Spoken Word Artist), Karen Wang (AZN Television), Thuy Dang (Live Sockets Entertainment), John Hiler (Xanga), David Morse (New American Dimensions), Gonzalo Perez (MTV), DJ Shy (Far East Movement), Thomas Tseng (New American Dimensions), Yu-Ming Wu (Freshness), James D. Farley (Toyota), David Horvath (Uglydoll), Eric Nakamura (Giant Robot), Gregory Rodriguez (LA Times), George Takei (Actor), Woody (Sneaker Freaker), Phil Yu (Angry Asian Man)