ICL Los Angeles: Marketing 2.0 w/ Street Culture and Virals


ICL 2007:
In 2007, the second annual Imprint Culture Lab delved deep into urban and Asian popular culture. The goal was to uncover and explore the ever growing enigma of the street wear industry which is heavily dictated by Asian tastemakers. We heard from bloggers who have the power to make or break just about anything, and discovered the next wave of the most closely watched Japanese contemporary artists. The event was kick-started by Wieden+Kennedy’s Executive Creative Director and Partner, John Jay, who’s a prime minister of popular culture and currently has his hands in some very cool projects.

The panelists and speakers included streetwear industry pioneer Alyasha Owerka-Moore, accomplished producer Dan “The Automator” Nakamura, Giant Robot founder Eric Nakamura, trendsetter Josh Spear, graphic designer Jeff “Staple” Ng, Weekly Drop’s own Rob Heppler, and Angeleno streetwear mainstay Bobby Hundreds.

David Choi (Musician), Joey Guila (Comedian), Bobby Hundreds (The Hundreds), Dan Nakamura (Producer), Josh Spear (Consultant), Daniel Wu (Actor), Danny Choo (Mirai, Inc.), Rob Heppler (Weekly Drop), Justin Kan (Justin.t), Eric Nakamura (Giant Robot), Andy Wang (Mixed Martial Artist), Xin Sarith Wuku (Mixed Martial Artist), Christine Gambito (Happy Slip), David Horvath (Uglydoll), Brian Lam (Gizmodo), Alyasha Owerka-Moore (Designer), Martin Wong (Giant Robot)