Knockaround was founded in 2005 when Adam “Ace” Moyer moved from the suburbs of Washington, D.C. to San Diego CA, hoping to strike it big as an artist. In 2008, things really started to pick up. The operation moved out of the art studio and into a real workshop, and that Fall, Adam launched a new model which got picked up by Daily Candy and The Today Show. Propelled by its unique brand persona and a flagging economy, Knockaround’s story of affordable cool was growing full steam.

At this point Knockaround and IVL began negotiations for the initial investment. Given that Knockaround was a 1-man, garage operation prior to IVL’s involvement, we needed to build almost every aspect of operations, marketing and sales from scratch. The brand has experienced staggering growth to date, with 1099% growth in May YTD 2013 sales over 2010, and an impressive 2511% increase in positive net income May YTD 2013 over 2010.

Marketing, Operations